Ronald Reagan’s Would-Be Assassin Says Thanks After Being Freed From Remaining Restrictions

Ronald Reagan's Would-Be Assassin Says Thanks After Being Freed From Remaining Restrictions

The Man Who SHOT Ronald Reagan Reacts After Being Freed – Should He Be Forgiven?

( – The attempted assassination of former President Ronald Reagan turned into a bizarre story of a man with severe mental health issues trying to impress a Hollywood actress who had no idea he existed. Four decades later, the man with the gun that day, John Hinckley Jr., thanked his supporters after being freed from his remaining court restrictions.

The judge in Hinckley’s case, US District Court Judge Paul L. Friedman, held a final hearing Wednesday, releasing the already-free Hinckley from any further involvement with the court. He was found not guilty by reason of insanity after the shooting and spent nearly two decades in a psychiatric institution. Since 2003, he’s been allowed more and more contact with the community and has been living virtually free from daily oversight since 2016.

Since his release, he has complied with all of the conditions set upon him by the court, given authorities access to his whereabouts and digital devices at times, and pursued a career in music. He’s currently working on the “John Hinckley Redemption Tour” with mixed results. According to Judge Friedman, Hinckley hasn’t shown a sign of mental illness in decades and presents no danger to himself or others. Still, with the severity of his crime, is it a good idea for him to be allowed into the community with no supervision?

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