Russell Brand Issues Warning About the “Great Reset”

Russell Brand Issues Warning About the

Famous Star EXPOSES Government’s Plan

( – British actor and comedian Russell Brand has had enough with the green energy push. He recently said the move is part of a bigger plan called the Great Reset, and that he cannot continue to support it. On his podcast Under the Skin, Brand noted that the powers in charge of this movement are taking steps to harm farmers, and that people should not let the practice continue.

Examples of How It Works

The actor stated that by imposing regulations and impossible demands on growers, those pushing the Great Reset are working to bankrupt the producers so they can essentially take their land. He points to what is going on with the Dutch as an example of this.

Farmers there protested restrictive government policies about emissions that would put many growers out of business, grossly reducing access to the fertilizer they must have to cultivate crops. Brand said that although lawmakers claim their policies are about saving the Earth, in reality, they are perpetuating one big scam.

He explained that governments targeting fertilizers and saying farmers must go organic is ridiculous. He also noted that the government is putting other requirements on producers that forces them to use fertilizers. The actor said this isn’t about reducing pollution and pushing organic farming because it’s better for the environment, rather, it is strictly a plot to bankrupt landowners and get their property.

His Take on the Great Reset

World Economic Forum executive chairman Klaus Schwab spearheads The Great Reset movement. It came about due to the impact of COVID-19, and Schwab claims the goal is to create a global economy to improve the world. But Brand said the true agenda is to grab land and move people. Rather than help the population, the plan will hurt regular individuals while allowing those in charge to rule the world.

And it isn’t just governments. Brand explained that Bill Gates is buying tons of farmland in the US and hurting real farmers. He pointed out that corporations like Monsanto are doing it, too. They are capitalizing on farmers’ struggles and buying up their land at rock-bottom prices.

Brand’s Climate Stance

Brand did say that he agrees with taking steps to stop climate change, but he noted those who really care about respecting the earth do so to help others, not governments or the rich and powerful. He said many who used to be on the bandwagon for climate change now see it for what it is and are fighting back.

The actor asserted that when a plan, even one that seems positive and good, like the green agenda, threatens farmers, everyone has to stand up against it. Brand said we must protect these hard workers and back their efforts. For instance, he encouraged people to buy farm products and explained the support is essential to give food growers time to make the necessary changes. And he stressed we cannot let underlying motives win out.

Does Brand have a good argument? Is there a link between the green energy movement and the Great Reset agenda?

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