Russia Agrees To Release Former Marine To America in Prisoner Swap

Russia Agrees To Release Former Marine To America in Prisoner Swap

U.S. and Russia Make A Deal – Prisoner Exchange

( – The Associated Press (AP) reported Russia and the United States recently agreed to exchange prisoners. The move was highly unexpected due to the Russia-Ukraine situation. In the agreement, the US received Trevor Reed in exchange for Konstantin Yaroshenko.

Reed had been in Russian custody for three years, according to the AP. He is a former Marine accused of assaulting a Russian officer while under the influence of alcohol in 2019. Yaroshenko is a pilot who received a 20-year prison sentence in the United States for conspiring to bring cocaine into the country. The US classifies him as an international drug trafficker.

According to reports, Joey Reed said the US took back custody of his son in Turkey. He explained planes from each country pulled next to each other, and the two nations exchanged the prisoners at the same time.

There was some speculation that this cooperative agreement could help in talks about peace in Ukraine, but the AP states it is unlikely. The publication reported that an official inside the Biden administration said this exchange has no connection to the Ukraine situation, and does not represent the US changing its stance on the condemnation of Russia’s action in that country.

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