Russia Includes Hunter Biden in List of Sanctions

Russia Includes Hunter Biden in List of Sanctions

( – The Biden Administration recently released a list of Russian diplomats and oligarchs who face personal sanctions in the United States. Not only are they not permitted to enter the country, but their personal holdings are also subject to seizure. The Russian government released its own list of sanctioned Americans in response — and Hunter Biden made the count.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, whose name is also present, made light of the naming of her boss as a sanctioned entity. She joked that the Russians left out the Junior in President Joe Biden’s name, suggesting they technically sanctioned his deceased father.

Psaki also stated that she wasn’t planning on traveling to Russia anytime soon.

Exactly why Hunter Biden’s name wound up on Russia’s radar remains unclear. The only other person who isn’t currently a serving member of the US government is former Senator Hillary Clinton, who did serve as Secretary of State. In her case, the Russians have her labeled as a “former US presidential candidate.”

Such consequences may seem trivial for someone who will likely never see Russia. Yet, sanctions from Russia could cause serious consequences on President Joe Biden. He needs to travel internationally for political and diplomatic reasons and, as some speculate, may also have business dealings in the region. Even if they are against his son and not him, sanctions could effectively complicate those endeavors or even render them impossible.

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