Russia Reportedly Planning “False Flag” Attack as a Pretext For Invasion

Russia Reportedly Planning

( – Tensions between the US and Russia continue as the Siberian nation increases the number of troops on its border with Ukraine. Refusals to remove military presence and a new threat have America on edge over a potential big move by President Vladimir Putin’s military.

During a January 14 briefing, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki addressed rumors that Russia may trigger a false flag attack granting it cause to invade Ukraine. She confirmed that the rumors were true and that the incident would likely occur within a month.

Psaki suggested intelligence agencies have evidence that Russia is already taking action to carry out the secret plans, citing the example of Soviet officials crafting a narrative of Ukrainian human rights violations and military aggressiveness. The press secretary called it a “spreading of misinformation” to set the stage for a full invasion. The nation is allegedly using a variety of measures to push the fake story out globally in order to create support for its actions.

When asked about President Joe Biden’s patience in light of Russia’s ongoing power plays, Psaki declined to comment, claiming she has no information about what comes next. However, she did say that if the country moves forwards with its aggression against Ukraine, Biden will respond by enacting measures that carry steep economic consequences.

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