Russia Unveils Horrifying New Weapon

Russia Unveils Horrifying New Weapon

Russia Unveils TERRIFYING New Weapon – It Could Change Everything

( – Russian military forces have started using new tactics and employing cutting-edge technology as its war with Ukraine approaches its fourth month. On Wednesday, May 18, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the recent development of new weapons, including a horrifying new laser.

Putin offered few details but did reveal that officials named one of the new laser weapons after a medieval warrior monk named Alexander Peresvet.

Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister in Charge of Military Development Yury Borisov told attendees of a Moscow conference that the Persevet could blind satellites from an altitude of about 1500 kilometers (932.1 miles).

Reuters reported that Borisov also spoke with Russian television about its newest laser systems. According to him, “if the Peresvet blinds,” other next-generation lasers systems are capable of the “physical destruction” of targets.

Asked if the Russian military had deployed laser weapons in Ukraine, Boris confirmed that a prototype called Zadira has been used against Ukrainian targets.

Russian reportedly started using these new kinds of specialized weapons in response to the ongoing shipments of arms to Ukraine from Western countries. Borisov noted Russia has weapons more powerful than Persevet that could destroy satellites instead of just blinding them.

Borisov concluded his remarks by promising that these powerful lasers would eventually overtake the use of current weapons.

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