Russian Citizens Banned From Flying in US Airspace

Russian Citizens Banned From Flying in US Airspace

( – While the United States won’t commit to sending troops to Ukraine as an aid against the Russians, the Biden administration is issuing various sanctions and orders to punish the Kremlin. The latest set of rules involves the US air space and restrictions on Russian citizens.

A new Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) order prohibits Russian citizens from flying owned or leased aircraft in US airspace. The FAA made the announcement on March 3 as part of a Special Security Instructions release. The new rules take President Joe Biden’s ban on Russian airlines coming into US airspace, which he announced on March 1, one step further.

The FAA does allow for limited exceptions. Those providing search and rescue services or humanitarian aid may operate in the United States as long as they have FAA permission. Also, pilots with authorization from the State Department or in emergency situations have clearance to continue operations. The FAA revoked any prior permissions it had given to Russian pilots and now requires a special process to secure new approval.

Aircrafts not abiding by the ban could face interception. Pilots and crew members would be subject to detention and interrogation.

These restrictions are part of the US plan to put pressure on Russia to end its aggression toward Ukraine by isolating the nation and its people from the rest of the world.

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