Russian Cyberattack Possible as Sweden Pushes To Join NATO

Russian Cyberattack Possible as Sweden Pushes To Join NATO

Russia THREAT – Revenge Strike Expected Anytime

( – On Monday, May 16, Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson hosted a press conference to discuss matters related to the country’s decision to apply for NATO membership. During the presser, the topic of potential Russian retaliation arose and she suggested that cyberattacks weren’t out of the question.

Asked directly about possible Russian intervention, Andersson replied that it could take the form of “cyberattacks, hybrid attacks, and other [similar] measures.” The prime minister also stated that ultimately, what happens is entirely up to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Returning to the subject of NATO membership, Andersson confirmed her belief that joining the alliance was in Sweden’s best interest despite the potential threat of retaliation from the Kremlin. Andersson also pointed out that Sweden made the decision to join NATO out of security concerns and not as a move against Russia.

Looking at the bigger picture, Andersson told reporters that Sweden wanted to coordinate its effort to join NATO with Finland. Officials in that country confirmed their decision to seek membership in the organization the week of May 9.

The BBC reported that Russian authorities have warned both nations against joining NATO. Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said Russia sees the decision to apply for membership as an aggressive move. Officials in Russia have promised they would have to balance the situation and stated the expansion of the organization would bring consequences.

Could Finland’s and Sweden’s applications to NATO expand the Russian aggressions already occurring in that area of the world?

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