Russian Oligarch “Murder Suicide” Reported

Russian Oligarch

Russian Oligarch Found HANGING – Wife and Daughter Dead

( – A disturbing story about a Russian oligarch who supposedly butchered his family before taking his own life may not be so cut and dry. After an alleged family spat turned uncharacteristically violent, Sergey Protosenya, his wife, and their daughter were all found dead. The assumed murder/suicide incident at the oligarch’s sprawling mansion in Spain is now being disputed by his son, Fedor Protosenya.

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Mail, the younger Protosenya was adamant that his father was no murderer. He said the former Russian gas executive loved his family, especially his daughter — whom he called “princess” — and can’t comprehend any reason things could have taken such a horrific turn.

The Mail reported there were no bloodstains on the alleged killer’s body and that Spanish authorities refuse to release any information about the victims, telling the young man not to discuss the case while it is ongoing.

The media outlet contacted several of Sergey Protosenya’s close friends and business associates, and the consensus was clear: no one believes he did it. Their suspicions may be amplified by the recent rash of skeptical Russian oligarch deaths of those tied to the country’s president, Vladimir Putin. The Protosenya family is the second to suffer an alleged murder-suicide, and its patriarch the fourth loyalist to meet an untimely and gruesome end.

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