Russian Spy Caught Trying to Infiltrate War Crimes Court

Russian Spy Caught Trying to Infiltrate War Crimes Court

Russian Spy CAUGHT – Right in the Nick of Time!

( – The Russian Intelligence Service (GRU) was recently caught using Cold War-era tactics to plant a spy deep within a foreign country. The spy, Sergey Vladimirovich Cherkasov, invented an entire life as a Brazilian national to gain access to the International Criminal Court (ICC). Dutch intelligence agents uncovered the plan and thwarted the Russian spy.

According to Reuters, Dutch Intelligence Agency Chief Erik Akerboom believes the GRU spent a lot of time and money to develop and embed Cherkasov. The outlet also noted that the Dutch General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD) said the man was immediately returned to Brazil when he entered the Netherlands, having been deemed an undesirable alien.

What may be most disturbing about this spy novel-like story is that the individual, in this case, came extremely close to achieving his goal. Akerboom said the Netherlands considered the incident a considerable threat, as Cherkasov wasn’t just trying to infiltrate the court; he was accepted as an intern. Neither the Russian government nor the ICC offered comment.

The Dutch investigation showed the spy had a believable and well-constructed cover story. Dealing with Russian spies is nothing new to the country that hosts the court in the Hague. More than 20 GRU operatives have been uncovered in the country, suggesting that infiltrating the court is a significant mission of the Russian government.

The toughest question investigators may be asking themselves is: With all of the spies the country has caught, how many have slipped through the cracks?

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