Sam’s Club Worker Gives Away Customer’s Car

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Sam’s Club Worker Gives Away Customer’s Car

A viral series of videos show a woman who is claiming that a Sam’s Club employee gave her car away. According to the video which was taken in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Heather had said that she had taken her car to the local club for service but by the time she returned to pick it up, the car was completely gone.

She then proceeded to contact the Tulsa Police Department who said that an investigation would be underway.

Uswitch, an insurance experts company, has said that in Oklahoma there are 378 car thefts per 100,000 owners, making it one of the worst states for this type of crime. However, Heather has said that her car was not just stolen, but rather that it was “given away.”

Heather, who posted the series of videos explaining the situation on TikTok, said that she went to pick up her car at the Tire and Battery center at Sam’s Club, but they were not able to find her car keys or her car. Nobody appeared to know what had happened to it.

Upon checking the store’s security footage, they could see that a man went up to the employee and asked for the car keys and the car. The employee immediately gave the key over. The employee did not ask for a driver’s license or even a membership card to verify that the man had the right to take the car.

To be able to shop at Sam’s Club individuals need to have a membership card. The membership card is not necessary for shopping at the pharmacy, liquor store, café, or optical center inside Sam’s Club.

With all of the procedures that Sam’s Club has in place, it remains unclear how the man managed to go to the Tire and Battery Center and even take the car without having to ever show their card.




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