Sandy Hook Families Are Demanding Alex Jones Give Them What?

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( – The Sandy Hook victim’s families have proceeded with calling for a seizure of the social media accounts of Alex Jones as a result of the bankruptcy lawsuit as his estate is considering liquidating proceedings. 

Jones is being held liable for close to $1.5 billion in damages related to the false claims he had made that the 2012 shooting had been faked. He is now working to maintain some of his assets during the bankruptcy process. 

Last week Jones along with the victims’ families reached an agreement that his assets needed to be liquidated, including his InfoWars web show stake as a result of the false conspiracies that he was spreading. In a filing on Thursday, the families had also argued that the man’s social media accounts needed to be included in the assets that should be liquidated in an attempt to block him from creating any future businesses. 

The families have pointed out that the 2.3 million followers that Jones has in his X account, were much the same as a customer list which any other liquidating business would have to hand over. 

The decision on the Chapter 7 bankruptcy case is expected to be made by a Houston judge on Friday following a hearing about the social media account. The Chapter 7 judgment is going to allow the families to collect part of Jones’ assets as a means of having his debt paid off. 

It is estimated that Jones has less than $12 million in assets, this means that his debt could continue for the rest of his life even if all his assets are lost. 

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