Sandy Hook Survivor Gets Incredible Gift

( – Isaiah Márquez-Greene, a survivor of the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting who lost his six-year old sister Ana during the shooting, recently went to a New York Rangers game where he got to meet and get a jersey from Jacob Trouba, the Rangers captain.

However, what Márquez-Greene, 18, was not expecting to receive was a scholarship for law school. The young man has already been accepted to the University of Connecticut special law program, according to NBC affiliate WVIT in Connecticut.

In the video shared from the game, Márquez-Greene met Trouba on the ice and told him that he had been a fan of his ever since his time playing for the Winnipeg Jets, the team that originally drafted the now New York Rangers defenseman. Trouba proceeded to sign his jersey and then invited him to sit on the bench with him. He proceeded to share that he knew Márquez-Greene’s story and asked him what his plan for the future was.

In response, Márquez-Greene stated that he wanted to be a lawyer. This was when Trouba presented him with a certificate that spoke about his scholarship for law school from the Garden of Dreams Foundation, a foundation partnered with Madison Square Garden that seeks to help young people in need. Trouba then told him that he was going to graduate from college and law school completely debt free.

The Ranger’s captain then gave Márquez-Greene his phone number and told him that he wanted to hear from him once he starts college next year. Márquez-Greene assured him that he would text him.

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