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( – On Monday, actress Scarlett Johansson described being “angered” and “shocked” following ChatGPT rolling out his voiced artificial intelligence (AI) assistant, which she stated sounded “eerily similar” to her voice.

In a statement, Johansson noted that OpenAI CEO Sam Altman had previously reached out to her to request if she’d voice an AI for the company, which she declined.

Then, last week, the company released a demo for its AI assistant, “Sky.”

Johansson claimed that when she “heard the released demo,” she was “shocked” and “angered” and was in “disbelief,” that OpenAI CEO would pursue a voice that sounds “eerily similar” to her own, that even her “closest friends” and media couldn’t tell the difference.

In a statement to The Hill, Johansson revealed that two days before Altman released the ChatGPT 4.0. demo, he contacted her agent requesting the actress reconsider, but before she could contact Altman, “the system was out there.”

Altman seemingly acknowledged the similarity between Johansson and the voice, posting on X “her,” which is possibly a reference to the 2013 film that has the same title. In the film, Johannson plays an AI having a relationship with a person.

Johansson explained she hired legal counsel to request OpenAI takedown “Sky” and that the company had “reluctantly” agreed.

Johansson said that given that since society was “grappling with deep fakes,” there was a need for “clarity” and shared she was looking forward to a “resolution in the form of transparency” and legislation to protect individuals’ rights.

OpenAI also released a statement on Monday, claiming the “Sky” voice mimicked Johansson.

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