Seal Team 6 Suffers Devastating Loss

( – Current and former members of the United States Navy’s SEAL Team 6 are reflecting on the accomplishments of first commander Richard Marcinko following his passing on Christmas Day. Marcinko’s legacy continues to inspire the team to develop and implement counterterrorism measures that keep up with the increasing demands of a more dangerous world.

SEAL Team 6 Changed the United States’ Response to Terrorism

As the first commander of SEAL Team 6, one of the United States military’s top counterterrorism units, Richard Marcinko played a major role in helping to develop cutting-edge tactics that changed the military’s capabilities for responding to the most serious threats and dealing with the aftermath of past and potential future terrorist actions.

SEAL Team 6 was developed in response to the 1979 Iran hostage crisis, as a failed rescue mission by the Navy clarified the need to create a unit that specialized in managing every aspect of terrorism. Marcinko was part of this rescue attempt, which led to his being selected to use that experience and his understanding of what had gone wrong to develop a team that was better equipped to respond to similar situations. SEAL Team 6 was actually only the Navy’s third SEAL team, and its name was an attempt to convince other countries that the Navy had more resources to respond to terrorism than it actually did. The team continues to be the United States’ first line of defense from a wide range of terrorist threats and the first to respond to such actions.

Richard Marcinko’s Legacy

Richard Marcinko earned 34 medals and citations honoring his accomplishments throughout his military career. After leaving SEAL Team 6 in July 1983, he went on to become CEO of SOS Temps Inc., his private security company. He also founded Richard Marcinko, Inc. and Red Cell International, Inc., his motivational training company and property vulnerability assessment company. Marcinko published several books during his lifetime that detailed his military accomplishments and their real-world applications.

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