Secret Putin Tapes Reportedly Suggest He Has Blood Cancer

Secret Putin Tapes Reportedly Suggest He Has Blood Cancer

Vladimir Putin LEAK – Secret Audio Tapes Discovered!

( – A trusted business associate secretly recorded an oligarch with close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The recording, obtained by News Lines Magazine, may shed some light on rumors of Putin’s poor health, including Parkinson’s disease, dementia, and, according to at least one powerful billionaire, blood cancer.

News Lines obtained the recording under strict confidentiality, fearing for the safety of all those involved. Its news report stated that the magazine easily identified the oligarch’s voice and verified what he said on the tape but would not go so far as to present the claims as fact. According to the source, Putin suffers from a deadly form of blood cancer. He didn’t elaborate further. The unidentified person went on to express his dislike for his president, calling him unfit to lead.

Visual observations of Putin and the opinions surrounding them are little more than rumors since his medical records are notoriously unavailable. However, they do seem to be gaining credibility.

For example, the Russian leader’s gait and mobility seem to be compromised, and he travels with a team of doctors skilled in treating various illnesses and neurological diseases. Putin also appears to be somewhat bloated, which could signify steroid use, common in treating blood illnesses such as leukemia. Those treatment drugs are also immunosuppressants, explaining Putin’s seemingly irrational fear of COVID-19.

Do you think Putin could be suffering from a serious illness?

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