Secret Santa Blessing Community with $1 Million in Gifts

(FeaturedNews) – Tis the season for a little bit of holiday magic. This year, a Secret Santa in Idaho is looking for ways to give back to his community. His goal? To give away a grand total of $1 million in gifts to community members in need.

This particular Secret Santa has chosen to remain anonymous. Instead of meeting his recipients in person, he works with the crew at East Idaho News to have his gifts delivered.

The team recently visited Dave Hansen, from the Arco area. Dave was involved in a tragic car accident in 2009, leaving him quadriplegic. While his parents take care of his daily physical needs, Dave remains an active part of his community where he coaches the high school cross-country track team, among other things.

Cross country, of course, means difficult terrain, and Dave’s current wheelchair was beginning to wear out. Even worse? The district told Dave that if he weren’t able to coach, the program would ultimately have to be shut down.

Enter Santa and the news crew! The team had two incredible gifts for Dave when they arrived at his home. One was a $5,000 check for him to use as he pleases. The other? A $15,000 gift certificate Dave can use to get a customized all-terrain wheelchair. Life changing!

What else has the Idaho Secret Santa accomplished? Quite a bit, apparently. He’s paid one struggling family’s rent for 6 months and gifted a wheelchair-accessible van to another couple.

After a year of turmoil, stories like this are a great reminder that there really are generous, kind souls out there in the world. Happy holidays!

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