Secret Service Issues Warning To Travis Kelce

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( – Last week, Travis Kelce finally had the opportunity at the President’s podium during a Kansas City Chiefs’ visit to the White House.  

However, he revealed more about his brief encounter with the President and White House visit on Wednesday in an episode of his podcast “New Heights,” which he cohorts with his brother, former Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce.

Speaking to Jason, Travis revealed that after his stern warning from Secret Service agents last year that centered around his arrival at the White House without a valid form of identification, the Secret Service wasn’t very fond of him. 

The legendary tight end recalled how the Secret Service “weren’t too happy” with him on his second visit, noting that because of the expired ID fiasco, he was sure to bring his passport to his most recent trip to the White House.

Despite being prepared for his most recent White House visit, Travis revealed that the Secret Service had a word with him to avoid the stunt he pulled last year when Patrick Mahomes had to intervene. 

He told his brother that when he entered, about four or five members of the Secret Service told him if he went up to the podium, they were “authorized to tase” him. 

Last year, Kelce left his photo op with President Joe Biden to go to the podium and begin a speech; he started by saying, “I’ve been waiting for a long time to say this,” before Mahomes intervened. 

However, this year, despite the Secret Service warning, Biden invited Travis to the podium, allowing him to speak. 

Travis revealed he kept his remarks short because of the taser warning, adding that he “felt [a] taser aimed at [him] the whole time” he was at the podium, despite being invited by Biden. 

Jason showed his approval for Travis’ handling of the situation, saying he “nailed it.”

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