Secret Service Study of Yoga Class Shooting Shows Misogyny

Secret Service Study of Yoga Class Shooting Shows Misogyny

( – On March 15, the US Secret Service released a case study of a 2018 incident in which a man opened fire at a Florida yoga class, killing two women and injuring six others. Authorities uncovered there had been warning signs present that shooter Scott Paul Beierle was an extremist who hated women and had a high likelihood of committing crimes against them. The report suggested ways to prevent such crimes in the future.

Beierle identified with the movement of anti-feminists and had a history of violence against women. He was a former member of the military, a teacher, and an Eagle Scout, but his record showed arrests for groping women and bans at a college and bars for his behavior toward females.

He also wrote songs about violence against women, posted hate-filled videos, and showed an obsession with killers who targeted female victims. Family, friends, coworkers, community members, and officials took notice of these red flags, but nobody looked at his actions as a whole.

The Secret Service’s National Threat Assessment Center conducted the study to help enhance training for law enforcement and other officials to increase the ability to identify potential attackers and prevent future incidents. The study suggested speaking up when seeing concerning behavior instead of tolerating it and thoroughly investigating anyone with alarming behavior to get the whole story. The goal is not prosecution, but rather to intercede and stop violence from happening.

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