Secret Service Swarms White House to Boost Security Amid Concerns

Secret Service Swarms White House to Boost Security Amid Concerns

( – Americans saw the impact of the truck convoy in Canada, which spurred them to create their own. As it heads toward Washington, D.C., with a goal of assembling for the president’s State of the Union address on March 1, the Secret Service is bulking up its protection.

The Secret Service is taking more extreme measures than usual, such as building a fence around the White House. The increased security also involves the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) conducting surveillance of the convoy.

Yahoo News obtained exclusive access to DHS reports showing detailed movement maps and a coordinated effort to monitor the convoy’s travels across the country. The reports also showed law enforcement in various states providing intelligence about the activity of the truckers.

Officials also speak of plans to use various government law enforcement agencies to maintain traffic and keep an eye on the group when it reaches the Capitol.

The reports do not note any heightened concerns about violence from individuals within the trucker group but stated extremists could join the event to cause issues. However, a DHS official told Yahoo News that law enforcement would plan for the worst-case scenario but has high hopes no violence will occur.

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