See The First Ever Fully Robotic McDonald’s

Photo by Visual Karsa on Unsplash

In Texas, McDonald’s has started testing their first-ever robot restaurant. The Fort Worth, Texas branch of McDonald’s is fully automated and customers are able to order and pick up their meals without having to come in contact with any humans.

This has been dubbed by many an introvert’s dream after TikTok and Instagram user foodiemunster shared a video from their visit to the restaurant. The video has been seen by 1.2 million people and shows how customers can use the automated screens to place their orders. From there they are able to collect the fast food through a machine.

McDonald’s in a statement said that the restaurant’s new features included the “Order Ahead lane,” in which a conveyor belt was being used to deliver the order. This is the latest move in McDonald’s “Accelerating the Arches” growth strategy which aims to improve customer experience through innovation. In the statement, McDonald’s also pointed to how the restaurant is significantly smaller than their traditional McDonald’s restaurants because the experience is meant to be geared towards those customers who are looking to dine at home. In many ways, the restaurant is thus like a pick-up room where orders can be delivered quickly.

This experience of fast pick-up is also perpetuated outside where there are many parking spaces dedicated for pick-up and “designated parking spaces for delivery drivers.”

This new technology has left many on the fence as they are questioning the effects it will have on the job market. One commenter said that this would cost millions of jobs and that if McDonald’s proceeds with this move then they would boycott their food which is “mid at best anyway.”


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