Senior Citizens Become the #1 Cannabis Client

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( – Senior citizens have become the fastest-growing cannabis clients in the U.S. following the legalization of the drug.

According to current statistics, the number of over-65 Americans using marijuana has tripled within a decade. While in 2009 only 11 percent of senior citizens were using marijuana, that percentage had reached 32 percent in 2019. There was also a sharp increase in those belonging to the 60 to 64 years-old demographic, with more than half of them reporting that they were using cannabis.

In 2021, it was revealed that there was also an increase in cannabis consumption for older adults, with 35 percent using cannabis. However, the results of this study were heavily affected by the pandemic, which might have potentially altered the results of the study.

Still, despite the questions about the study’s issues, there has been an increase in how socially acceptable marijuana currently is. Marijuana is currently available in 23 states for recreational use.

There is also something to be said about the generation of baby boomers that had grown up at a time when psychotropic experimentation had been more common.

Daniel Uthe, 61, revealed that had it not been for cannabis there would be many things that he would not be able to do on his farm in Wisconsin. As he reveals, he also recreationally smokes about once every month, but usually when he is smoking he is doing it for pain control. He further argued that many boomers would not be willing to admit that they smoke cannabis, which is why he does not believe the percentages in the survey are 100 percent accurate.

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