Serena Williams Interviews With New York Times, Refuses to Discuss Politics

Edwin Martinez from The Bronx, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Serena Williams in her new interview with the New York Times chose not to discuss politics after being asked what her connection to former President Donald Trump is. Williams retired from the sport officially in September 2022 after winning a total of 23 Grand Slam titles. 

During her interview on the NYT podcast “The Interview,” she discussed several issues and topics, including her life after retirement and her upcoming ESPN+ documentary. 

During the interview, co-host David Marchese inquired about Williams’ relationship with Trump. This was a reference from Trump’s criminal trial where it had been alleged that the two of them frequently spoke. The question led to Williams laughing and then highlighting that she has spoken to every president since she was born.

When asked about the topics she covered with these presidents, Williams attempted to refrain from making any comments relating to politics. Instead, the conversation returned to her sport and her love of Tennis. 

In the interview, she pointed out that while she was not planning to return to the sport, she still loved it and was adapting to post-retirement life and motherhood. She also stated that she is content with missing tennis and the feelings of nostalgia it brings forward. 

Reflecting on her transition, Williams acknowledged the challenge of stepping away from a lifelong passion but conveyed happiness with her current state, enjoying a newfound relationship with the sport. For decades Williams had been the No. 1 female player in the world.

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