Several Dead in 21 Car Pileup Caused After Sudden Dust Storm

Several Dead in 21 Car Pileup Caused After Sudden Dust Storm

Several Dead In MASSIVE Car Accident – Official Cause Revealed!

( – Six people died and eight more suffered injuries last Friday when a dust storm appeared virtually out of nowhere on a Montana highway. Six commercial semis and more than a dozen other vehicles wound up in what Montana Highway Patrol Sergeant Jay Nelson told the Associated Press was the worst wreck he’d seen in his more than two decades on the force.

The accident happened during the evening along Interstate 90 when sudden gusts of wind up to 60 mph brought a dust storm and, with it — blackout conditions. The patrolman described the scene as chaotic, noting that people didn’t know what to do after the collision other than panic.

Ultimately, Nelson said it took more than six hours to fully reopen the road, and when the dust cleared, two children were among the dead. Nick Vertz of the National Weather Service told the AP that the storm wasn’t something anyone could have seen coming.

Governor Greg Gianforte expressed grief and offered prayers for the victims’ families. He also thanked first responders for their heroic actions.

There will inevitably be an investigation into the crash, but the sergeant seemed confident there were no other mitigating factors other than a freak dust storm that will likely be recorded as an act of nature.

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