Shelter Dog Finally Gets What He Always Wanted

An Errant Knight, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – After half a decade in various Ohio rescue shelters, a rescue dog named Hershel was adopted by his forever home. As the Lake Humane Society (LHS) reported, Herschel has not only found a home, but has managed to fit right in with his new family.

On Wednesday in a Facebook post, the shelter representative had written about Herschel finding his forever home just before his 7th birthday. Reportedly, Herschel had spent the last week in the shelter’s foster-to-adopt program which would help him adjust to life with his new family. As the LHS representatives wrote, his new family is already loving and spoiling him, and he has a large backyard where he gets to play with his new dog sister, Lucy.

LHS had sent a press release at the end of May trying to get Herschel adopted after he spent so many years in the shelter. The efforts proved to be successful as Herschel now has a family. According to the shelter’s report, Herschel had first entered the shelter system after he was found outdoors and in bad shape.

As the LHS shared, for the first few years of his life Herschel had not had access to food and shelter, but now he is healthy at 76 pounds. The organization pointed out what a happy dog he is and how he always has a positive outlook.

In order to aid his adoption, Herschel was brought to Cold Nose Companions Dog Training by LHS. Only a week after the press release about him was sent out, Herschel now has a good home.


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