Shocking Flight Video Leaves Viewers Speechless

Photo by Suhyeon Choi on Unsplash

Shocking Flight Video Leaves Viewers Speechless

Another video from a flight has gone viral, only this time it has been for a good reason. The heart-warming clip captures the moment when the pilot makes an airline announcement about a breast cancer survivor that is on the flight.

The clip has now been seen by more than 13 million people. Originally it was shared by @valeriwinnjones, who had said that they would always remember the announcement made on Southwest Airlines.

The video shows the pilot acknowledging the battle that Jyrl Oldham has faced, but also congratulating them for being cancer free. Oldham can be seen in the video sitting on her seat unaware of the sweet gesture that was about to take place. Following the announcement, the whole plane started to cheer for Oldham who had tears of joy running down her face.

The pilot could also be heard being emotional in the announcement.

Women are often told to examine their breasts regularly to see if there is any unusual swelling or lumps. These can often be some of the first signals that something is wrong, even if that something is not cancer. Early detection can often be the key to returning to health which is why women are encouraged to regularly check and contact their doctor about any abnormalities.


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