Shocking: Things Get Personal at Senate Hearing

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( – Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) slammed the antisemitic comment made by a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) employee and alleged that these comments were a reflection of the department. However, Alejandro Mayorkas, the DHS Secretary, pushed back arguing that it was “despicable” to claim that the views were a representation of the department.

The comment that Hawley was referring to had been made on social media by one of the department’s employees following the Israel-Hamas war. The employee has been put on administrative leave since the comments were made.

Mayorkas refused to answer any more questions about the employee or the review of their employment.

Hawley claimed that it was “despicable” that Mayorkas was not answering his question. In response, Mayorkas, who is Jewish, argued rather emotionally and directly addressed the personal attacks he was facing from Congress members.

He stated what he actually considered to be “despicable” was the implication of what he had been talking about, and the allegation that the statement being discussed was a reflection of the sentiment of the 260,000 people employed in the Department of Homeland Security. He added that Hawley who was taking this aggressive approach was probably unaware of the fact that he was the child of someone who had survived the Holocaust.

He added that Hawley was probably unaware of the fact that Mayorkas’ mother had lost almost all of her family during the Holocaust. He then stated that the tone that Hawley had taken on was completely disrespectful of his heritage and also of himself. He noted that while he did not expect to receive an apology, he did want to express the things he had just said.

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