Shocking Video – Man Stealing From Disabled Man in a Wheelchair

credit: NYPD

Heartless Thief Does the UNTHINKABLE – How Could He?

A newly released NYPD video shows a man stealing from a disabled man on a Staten Island bus. The incident took place earlier this month according to the police report.

The robbery took place around 9 p.m. on Aug. 13 on the S40 MTA bus. In the video, the robber can be seen behind the 64-year-old wheelchair-user victim. It was from this position that the thief managed to remove $250 from the victim’s shirt pocket as the bus was stopping at Clinton Avenue and Richmond Terrace.

Following the robbery, the man briefly stood from his wheelchair in an attempt to follow the thief but had to quickly sit back down, as the thief disembarked from the bus. The victim was not injured and the thief fled in an unknown direction.

According to the description of the thief, the cops have provided that he is a man in his 20s, around 5’7”, and weighing approximately 160 pounds. His clothing in the video is a black “TLC” shirt, black Nike basketball shorts, white socks, and black sandals. Another video from a store at 1 Richmond Terrace was also released. This video clearly shows the thief’s face.

Anyone with information on the thief is encouraged to contact the police.

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