Shooting at Texas Vigil Leaves 1 Dead, 13 Wounded

( – A candlelight vigil for a Baytown, Texas man who was recently murdered in his home turned into another tragedy on Sunday. Thirteen people were injured and 25-year-old Disha Allen was killed when a drive-by shooting occurred near the crowd.

Drive-By Shooting Targeted Crowd

An unknown shooter fired approximately 20-30 shots into a crowd of approximately 50 people gathered at the 1400 block of N Market Loop to honor the homicide victim known as Lil’ Daddy. Three victims were airlifted to a hospital, while the rest experienced relatively minor injuries and were able to drive themselves. Although the three airlifted victims arrived in critical condition, all thirteen are currently expected to survive.

A pastor, his wife, and possibly a child were identified as victims by attendees of the vigil, but no other identities have yet been released.

Details Remain Unknown About the Shooting

The suspect has not yet been caught or even identified, which provides no information surrounding a definite motive or specific charges. Although the shooting occurred just as balloons were released in memory of the original victim, which suggests that it was likely an intentional second attack against the victim or his supporters instead of a random attack, this motive cannot be confirmed until more is known about the shooter’s identity. Once identified, the shooter will likely face several charges, including the murder of Disha Allen, attempted murder of the other thirteen victims, and more.

A secondary fight broke out shortly after the victims arrived at Houston Methodist Baytown Hospital, also with no clear motive.

An abandoned vehicle officials believe may be linked to the incident was found on fire approximately two miles from the scene shortly after. Anyone with additional details surrounding the incident is asked to contact the Harris County police department at (713)- 274-9100.

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