Single Mom Gives Incredible Gift to the Less Fortunate

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( – Debbie Sarich had always wanted to have a large family, but seeing as she is almost 40, the pediatric physical therapist encouraged her to consider adoption. That advice changed her life, and she is now the mother of seven children that have come from all parts of the world, all of whom have special needs.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Sarich explained that for the first time, everything seemed to fall into place and she knew that she would grow her family by adopting children with special needs. She added that this made complete sense to her as she has a job that has her working with special needs children. As she said, it is what her daily life consists of, and she loves it.

Sarich started her adoption journey with several trips overseas which allowed her to adopt daughters, Sadee, 12, Kaitlyn, 15, Lucy, 19, and Krasimira, 19, and sons Tray, 12, and Sergio, 16. Her children come from all over the world, including Guatemala, Russia,  Bulgaria, Ethiopia, and China. Now, the family lives outside of Houston, and if the seven children were not enough to keep Sarich’s hands full, then the seven dogs, two cats, three aquatic turtles, and a fish tank might just do that.

Sarich, who is now 56 years old, stated that it was a lot of fun to have all of the children at home and to see everything that they were doing. Four of Sarich’s daughters have cerebral palsy, with one being a wheelchair user. Her son Tray is also suffering from a disability that has him wearing a prosthetic leg.

Yet, despite all of these disabilities, the family lives a fairly normal life filled with school, competitive sports, and Sarich’s job at Texas Children’s Hospital.


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