Sisters Reunite After Decades Apart

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( – Teresa Scharf was originally born in Athens, Greece, but was quickly adopted at seven months old and brought to central Ohio where she has spent decades of her life. Her parents had both been in the U.S. Navy, which resulted in her traveling around the world while growing up. 

As a child, she had not been particularly curious about her ancestry, but as she grew older and started having her own family, she started getting more interested in it. As she stated, the first time she had started to be interested in it was when she got pregnant with her first child, which had caused her to wonder how anyone could give away their baby. 

Scharf stated that her adoptive parents would not have been open to answering any questions she had about her biological parents, and she even thought it would be insulting to ask. However, after they passed away she started to look more seriously into her ancestry. 

This led to her contacting the Efthichia Project, which is focused on helping Greek adoptees find their families. After a DNA test, she was quickly matched with a first cousin who was in Chicago. 

Scharf shared how at 63 years old that had been the first time to meet one of her blood relatives. She even recalls saying that she wished she had started the process 30 years ago. After continuing to look with the Efthichia Project, she was able to match with a dozen first cousins all in Greece who were quick to welcome her with open arms. All the cousins were trying to figure out who her father would have been. 

After some time, she received a call informing her that it was Angie who was her sister according to the DNA test. As she shared, both had been joyful at the news and met for the first time on March 17. 

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