Skin and Bones Found Behind a Burger King

Skin and Bones Found Behind a Burger King

Headless Body Found Behind Popular Food Chain

( – On June 13, a person walking through the woods in Macon, Georgia, made an unsettling discovery. Suspecting they had found human remains, the hiker contacted authorities, who later confirmed that the body was indeed the corpse of a human.

The crime scene is in Bibb County off Eisenhower Parkway, on Romeiser Drive, in a wooded area behind a Burger King. There was a heavy law enforcement presence at the scene as crews worked to gather evidence.

Coroner Leon Jones said all that remained of the body were skin and bones, partially embedded in the ground, requiring excavation.

Officials didn’t recover a skull at the scene, and the remains of the individual’s arms and legs had significant decomposition.

The coroner said it was difficult to determine precisely how long the remains had been there but noted they appeared to have been there for an extended period. He also stated that it wasn’t yet possible to pinpoint the gender or race of the victim. However, officials did release a statement noting that they found men’s shoes nearby, which led them to believe the victim may have been male.

The body will go to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for further analysis. The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office is investigating and encourages anyone with information to contact them.

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