Snoop Dogg Issues Major Lawsuit Against Who?

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( – On Tuesday, rappers Master P and Snoop Dogg filed a lawsuit against Post Consumer Brands and Walmart Inc., arguing that they were deliberately sabotaging their cereal brand by not putting them on their shelves. 

As noted in the filing, in 2022 Percy Miller, known as Master P, and Calvin Broadus, known as Snoop Dogg, founded Broadus Foods, a brand focused on affordable high-quality breakfast options, including the Snoop Cereal. 

According to the suit, after the two men had rejected the offer from Post, a company that had tried to buy the entire brand outright, the company had still gone on to appear that they still supported the mission of Broadus Foods and entered a partnership in December 2022 with the two rappers. As part of this partnership promotion agreement, Post would be responsible for the manufacturing, distribution, and sale of Snoop Cereal.

The cereal was first launched in Walmart stores last July and in the lawsuit, it is alleged that within only a few months the cereal had become impossible to find on shelves. It was further noted in the suit that in 20 states the Snoop Cereal were in stores coded as products that should not be placed on the shelves but should instead be held in the stockrooms. 

In the suit, it is alleged that the boxes have spent months in the stockrooms without them being made available to customers. 

On its website, Walmart also alleged that Walmart had increased the price per box by over $10. 

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