Soccer Legend Comes to America

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( – On Wednesday, Lionel Messi made the surprising announcement that he would be joining Major League Soccer in Inter Miami next season. Previously, there had been reports about Messi rejecting his old Barcelona team, large amounts of cash from Saudi Arabia, and choosing to instead play for Inter Miami team, which is co-owned by David Beckham.

The announcement was officially published in the Spanish publications, Sport and Mundo Deportivo. In the announcement, Messi reportedly said that he had made the decision to start playing for Miami. He said that while there isn’t a complete agreement in place, things were going well and that this is where he decided he would continue playing.

In the statement, Messi also noted that after winning the World Cup, he was not able to go back to Barcelona, and that it was time for him to join the League of the United States in order to have a different experience with football and enjoy everyday life more. He added that he is still going to have the same desire to play properly, but that he is going to be doing so in a “calmer way.”

Messi concluded by stating that he had hoped to be able to reach an agreement with Barcelona, who were unable to re-sign him in 2021 because of the financial crisis. However, he pointed out that after what had occurred, it was not possible for him to return to that same situation and put his fate in “someone else’s hands.” Instead, he needed to make the decisions that would be best for him and for his family, and that decision includes going to play in Miami.

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