Son’s Gift To Mother With Cancer Leaves America Speechless

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( – Melanie Shaha, 61, an Arizona mother of six, lost her hair after being diagnosed with a brain tumor. As Shaha revealed to “Today,” the doctors had first discovered the benign tumor in her pituitary gland in 2003. The pituitary gland is a small organ at the base of the brain that is responsible for hormone production for hormones that control the body’s growth and fertility.

The American Cancer Society has reported that there are around 10,000 pituitary tumor diagnoses in the United States each year.

Melanie had surgery to remove the tumor, which returned for a second time in 2006 and a third time in 2017. Following the tumor’s third return, she was prescribed radiation treatment, which caused her to lose all her hair. Hair will typically grow back within half a year, however, in some cases, the high dose of radiation might lead to the hair thinning out or not growing back at all.

Melania said that not having her hair can be heartbreaking, especially because everyone can notice it and make comments about it. She added that while she felt okay being sick, looking like she was sick was heartbreaking.

Her son, Matt, 28 years old, was having lunch with the family when he jokingly suggested that he could grow out his hair and create a wig for his mother. He ended up growing his hair by 12 inches by March 2022, which allowed him to help his mother get a wig made from his hair.

KSAZ reported that the wig which is going to need to be hand-stitched is going to cost $2,000.

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