Sotomayor Rejects Appeal, Gorsuch Grants It — SCOTUS Will Review Case

Sotomayor Rejects Appeal, Gorsuch Grants It — SCOTUS Will Review Case

( – The US Supreme Court has been back and forth on vaccine mandate issues. They struck down President Joe Biden’s order for employers, but they’ve also upheld state-level mandates. A new case will ask them where they stand on the topic once again.

The court will hear an appeal challenging the vaccine mandate in New York City, according to a decision on February 16. A group of 15 Department of Education workers filed the case on the grounds that the order violated their freedom of religion because it didn’t allow for a religious exemption. They first appealed the matter to Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who rejected it. The educators then appealed to Justice Neil Gorsuch, who agreed to hear the case.

Sotomayor holds jurisdiction over New York’s lower courts, which is why the appeal first went to her. The court rules allowed the plaintiffs to make a request to another justice, which is how they received the approval from Gorsuch.

The teacher group asked for a decision within the week, but the court won’t hear the case until next month. The mandate went into effect on February 11, which was also when Sotomayor first rejected the request. It will be interesting to see how the court rules this time around.

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