“Spider-Man” Actor Confesses to a Disturbing Past

Actor CONFESSES to a Disturbing Past – BEGS For Forgiveness

(FeaturedNews.com) – “Spiderman: Lotus” star Warden Wayne has recently come under fire for past homophobic and racist comments. The actor issued a public apology on Twitter, saying he was “coming clean” about his mistakes. Wayne admitted he was ashamed of how he acted back then.

Continuing his apology, Wayne wrote that he lived “in a bubble” as a teen, and the environment in his Arkansas hometown skewed his “ideas of right and wrong.” Wayne explained that he never experienced diversity until he grew up and left home. According to him, that move prompted him to realize that his preconceived notions about others were inaccurate.

The actor said he’s “embarrassed and sad” about his past behavior and expressed remorse for any damage he may have caused others along the way. Wayne concluded his apology by acknowledging that he couldn’t change the past. However, he said he accepted responsibility for his mistakes and vowed to do better in the future.

Given society’s quick reaction to cancel anyone who has ever said anything remotely offensive, is the reaction to Wayne too harsh? Should people judge others on what they said in the past, or is it reasonable to give past offenders a chance to prove they’ve changed?

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