Sri Lanka In Major Trouble as Another Crisis Strikes

Sri Lanka In Major Trouble as Another Crisis Strikes

Country Will Run Out Of Fuel On THIS Date!

( – The small island nation of Sri Lanka is on the verge of collapse. The government is in a frenzy trying to figure out how to get the fuel the country needs to survive without the funds to do so. The pandemic, tax cuts from a populist regime, and skyrocketing inflation have come together with disastrous results.

On May 16, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said Sri Lanka is looking to put together $75 million in funds to pay for fuel sitting at its ports. On May 18, he said the country had $160 million in bridge funding from the World Bank, but it was unclear if it was available to purchase fuel. The minister said, “the reality is, we don’t even have $1 million.”

Meanwhile, the people of Sri Lanka have no fuel. The country’s 1,190 gas stations sit empty, with long lines of cars and auto-rickshaws uncertain how long the wait will be — or if any gas is coming at all. As if the gas crisis isn’t enough, Wickremesinghe said the country also suffers shortages of 14 essential medicines. He warned the people of the sacrifices they will face in the upcoming weeks and months as the nation tries to climb out of a seemingly bottomless pit of crises.

The economic and political turmoil of the times is already wreaking havoc on the country. About 300 people died last week when pro and anti-government factions clashed, and tensions don’t seem to be getting much better.

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