Steph Curry Says He Might Consider Running for President Someday

Photo by David Everett Strickler on Unsplash

( – On Tuesday, Stephen Curry, the star of the Golden State Warriors, had stated that he would “maybe” consider running for the White House in the future. 

During a CBS Mornings interview, Curry had been asked whether it was a possibility that he would end up being the country’s president at some point. In response, Curry simply said “Maybe.” When pushed further by CBS News’s Jericka Duncan about whether or not he was interested in politics, Curry argued that he had an interest in leveraging all parts of his influence to do good in every way possible, including potentially running for office. 

Curry proceeded to clarify that currently, he did not have his sights on the White House, but that he had also not ruled out the possibility of getting involved in politics in the future. He added that he was not saying that would necessarily be the presidency, but that if politics was a way for him to bring about change then he was not ruling out the possibility of getting involved in it. 

During the interview, Curry discussed his new children’s book “I Am Extraordinary” which as he has stated is focused on helping children discover their inner confidence. The conversation relating to politics came during a discussion about his general efforts to help create positive change in society. 

Curry has often spoken up about a variety of political issues and is a board member of the “When We All Vote” initiative launched by former First Lady Michelle Obama which is encouraging voter registration. 

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