Stephen Colbert Calls for Fox News Star to Be Assaulted

Stephen Colbert Calls for Fox News Star to Be Assaulted

( – Late Show host Stephen Colbert had a good time mocking Fox News reporter Peter Doocy during Tuesday night’s monologue. Colbert, a known liberal Democrat, showed how hypocrisy worked when he suggested that President Joe Biden should be allowed to slap the White House correspondent. He made reference to the infamous Oscar slap of 2022 first, wrapping the violence in a joke.

Colbert’s angst likely stemmed from a recent press conference in which Doocy asked Biden a number of hot-button questions. He specifically queried Biden’s threat to respond to a Russian chemical attack and his gaffes earlier in the week, suggesting they could collectively cause people to believe the US is on the brink of war.

Colbert suggested that Biden should get a one-time pass to assault Doocy for those inquiries. He verbally attacked the man, calling him and his questions “ridiculous” while lobbying insults and calling him “that one kid in high school who wears a suit to gym class, Peter Doocy.”

After suggesting the president smack the reporter, Colbert went on to mock him more. He made up his own set of ridiculous questions as though Doocy was something other than a young professional who reports from one of the most important buildings in the world.

Colbert apparently thinks his remarks are appropriate. What do you think? Reply to your email and let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

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