Strangers Helping Beach Proposal Goes Viral

Photo by Elizeu Dias on Unsplash

Strangers Helping Beach Proposal Goes Viral

Different strangers helped make a beachside proposal go viral on social media. The video posted on TikTok by @lonidadi shows a woman and her friend helping a stranger that was preparing his proposal. The video has gathered 970,000 views and more than 250,000 likes.

Lonidadi and her friend were by the beach when they saw two girls helping their brother with their proposal.

The woman asked the girls when her brother’s girlfriend was coming, to which they responded, around 7:30. It was already 7:29 at the time, and things were not totally prepared for the big proposal. This is when the two women stepped in and helped them set up the roses, candles, and white rug in time.

Some of the letters for the “marry me” sign had gone missing, but through some searching, they found them on the sand hill. The moment of the couple getting engaged was captured by Lonidadi, who was there to celebrate with them.

The TikTok community was touched by this video as many found it to be extremely kind and heartwarming. The person from the video also posted saying that had it not been for their help, they would not have managed to get it all done on time.

A follow-up video was also posted as Lonidadi was officially invited to the wedding.



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