Stranger’s Thousand Dollar Gift Goes Viral

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Stranger’s Thousand Dollar Gift Goes Viral

A man paid a $1,000 utility bill for a stranger. The video was posted online and praised by hundreds of users.

The story was shared through a Twitter thread that has received more than 33,000 retweets and 395,000 likes. The man’s colleague who shared the story said he was only sharing the incident to bring smiles to people’s faces.

Inflation has caused a large increase in electricity prices. Currently, 20 million US households are behind on their utility bill payments. David Konisky, the co-director of the Energy Justice Lab, has announced that power shut-offs are going to be the worst they have been in decades.

As Polar Nerd, the anonymous account’s username shared on Twitter, their colleague was heading to lunch when they saw the “utility shutoff notice” stuck on a door. He stopped taking notice and then while eating his lunch he paid the bill.

The colleague does not appear to know the family that the bill belonged to at all.

Many were skeptical about whether this story was entirely true, but Polar Nerd has maintained that the utility company accepted the payment so long as the address to the property was provided.

Tiffani Ashley Bell, the founder and executive director of The Human Utility, also said that a bill can be paid by a stranger so long as they know the address. Other utility companies might require an account number, but it depends on the company. Many companies allow for guest payments so that third-party can pay strangers’ outstanding bills.

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