Stray Dog Inspires Millions With Will To Live

Photo by Anna Dudkova on Unsplash

( – Trish Bauer, a California mother, was scrolling through her phone one evening when she came across a dog that needed someone to adopt them.

Bauer, who was familiar with both fostering and adopting pets, had in the past four years fostered and rescued more than 250 kittens. As she shared, she had always loved kittens and had a big “fear of dogs.” However, after fostering many dogs over the years, her fears started going away.

A few months after giving birth to a stillborn daughter, Bauer was scrolling on Instagram when she saw a video of a German shepherd with the caption, “I’m dying tomorrow in this cold, lonely room.”

As she noted, as soon as she saw the senior dog, she felt attached to him in a way she had never experienced before, noting that his eyes even looked like hers, and had the same pain. There were hundreds of comments under the video, but Bauer just felt the urge to write her own, stating that she would pick him up if the other people who wanted to adopt him did not go through with it.

The next morning, she had a message on Instagram telling her that she had to go to him, as he would be euthanized in 30 minutes, and so she did. Bauer and her 10-year-old daughter Lilly arrived at the shelter with a cat lease and rushed to rescue Wilbur, now Cooper, a 12-year-old, 90-pound German shepherd.

She added that originally she had wanted to help him get to another family that fostered dogs, but soon decided that she would keep him permanently.

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