Struggling Family Inspired To Do More After Strangers Generosity

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

One random act of kindness twelve years ago led to over a decade of acts of kindness from a New Hampshire family.

Krista Butts, a mother of three, opened up about how twelve years ago, at a time when she was out of work, a stranger paid for her kids’ haircuts.

Butts told USA Today that at the time, they were completely dependent on their church for food baskets and Christmas presents. In order to be able to provide for their children, who are now 13, 17, and 19, her husband, University of New Hampshire Sgt. Jeff Butts, had to work 80 hours a week with the Exeter Police Department.

During that time, Krista Butts had managed to save the money necessary to get three haircuts for her young boy – only when she went to get them those haircuts did she find out that someone had already paid for them in full.

This single act by an unknown man both overwhelmed and inspired the young mother, who did not accept the money from the man for the haircut, but instead, decided to pay for it herself. She then taught her children to carry out their own acts of kindness every holiday season in what has become an annual tradition for the family. They call it the “Christmas Kindness Project,” and the premise is rather simple – for the 25 days of December, the family looks to do something nice for others.

Sometimes, all it takes is one good deed to change the lives of many.

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