Student Tracking Taylor Swift’s Jet Threatened

Jana Zills, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Jack Sweeney, a college student, has been tracking the jet of singer Taylor Swift. Following the singer’s threat that she would be taking legal action against the University of Central Florida student, Sweeney’s lawyer argued that his client had not done anything “unlawful.” 

Swift’s attorneys had previously demanded that the student stop tracking the jet and sharing online the flight information. For years, Sweeney has had social media accounts that are tracking the takeoffs and landings of different private jets that are owned by high-profile figures including celebrities, billionaires, and politicians. To track the flights Sweeney just uses the Federal Aviation Administration’s public data and will often include the total carbon emission for each file. 

In December, Swift’s legal team threatened Sweeney with a cease-and-desist letter arguing that if he did not stop they would end up taking legal action against him. They further referred to his actions as “stalking” and claimed that he was “harassing” their client. 

On Monday, Sweeney shared online the response written by his legal team on Jan. 25 along with the text “Look What You Made Me Do,” a reference to one of Swift’s most famous singles. 

James Slater, who is representing Sweeney, argued that his client and his company, GRNDCTRL, LLC, were just using information that was publicly available in order to track the jets. He further pointed out that the account was “protected speech” and that none of Swift’s rights had been violated.

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