Student’s Absence Note Takes Internet by Storm

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( – One mom from Austin, Texas celebrated on social media for the hilarious email that she sent to her daughter’s teacher to tell her that her daughter would be absent from school because she would be attending Taylor Swift’s upcoming concerts.

Mom, Karen Vladeck, opted to let out all of her inner Swiftie energy in the email she sent to her daughter’s teacher, adding multiple different references to the artist’s discography, Vladeck, 38, told TODAY. This was the first time that her daughter, who is currently in first grade, would miss school for something “fun” instead of a sick day. For this reason, she wanted to send a clever message to the teacher to let her know. She added that originally it was only going to be one sentence long, but in time, she kept pulling out more references and hoping that her daughter’s teacher was a Swiftie.

She started the letter with the “Anti-Hero” themed-subject line “It’s Me, Hi, I’m the Problem, It’s Me,” and then proceeded to write with another “Midnights” reference, “Dear Reader [Ms. Parks], I’m writing to let you know that Maddie won’t be in school on 4/24 because she is going to the Taylor Swift concert in Houston.” She continued to state “I hope missing school doesn’t ruin her otherwise stellar Reputation, but she begged me to go and maybe I Should Have Said No but I didn’t want to be Mean.”

The references kept piling on as she wrote “I hope this doesn’t leave any Bad Blood between you and Maddie and that things for the rest of the year are not Treacherous” and that “I know I Did Something Bad and I promise this will be The Last Time she has an unexcused absence before the Cruel Summer starts.” She finally added as an email signature, “Forever & Always, Karen Vladeck.”

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