Study Shows Republican Voters Are Open to a Trump Dictatorship

Michael Vadon, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – A recent study conducted by the University of Massachusetts Amherst alongside YouGov unveiled that a significant portion of Republican voters are open to the idea of Donald Trump assuming a dictatorial role for a single day, should he reclaim the presidency. The findings reveal that 74% of those surveyed within the Republican camp view this prospect positively, aligning with Trump’s previous statements about adopting an authoritarian stance only on the inaugural day of a potential second term. In contrast, a mere 26% of Republicans expressed disapproval of such a notion.

The sentiment among independent voters is mixed, with 36% in favor and 65% against the idea of Trump as a one-day dictator. Democratic voters, however, show strong opposition, with 87% against and only 13% in favor of Trump fulfilling his promise of dictatorial governance, even if just for a day.

Trump’s rhetoric, including his pledge to “drill, drill, drill” and secure the borders immediately upon returning to office, has reignited debates and concerns about the implications for democratic principles. His assertion during a conversation with Sean Hannity on Fox News that his dictatorial inclination would be limited to “day one” does little to assuage fears among Democrats and some Republicans who worry about the potential for abuse of power and targeting of dissenters in a second Trump term.

Amidst this polarized backdrop, Trump is concurrently navigating legal battles, facing 91 criminal charges across various state and federal jurisdictions. Despite these legal entanglements, he remains a leading figure in the Republican race for the 2024 presidential nomination.

Public opinion on Trump’s involvement in efforts to dispute the 2020 election results is divided; 58% of those surveyed believe he is likely guilty, while 42% maintain his innocence. Among Republican respondents, a robust 72% stand by Trump’s innocence, underscoring the deep divisions and enduring loyalty within the party.

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