Supreme Court Justices Get Secretly Recorded

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( – According to reporting by The Hill, secret records between Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito reveal the pair’s perspective on partisanship and the judiciary’s role.

In the recordings, made during an annual dinner about the SCOTUS’ political dynamics held on June 3, Alito acknowledges the challenges of resolving the country’s deep political divisions, stating, “one side or the other is going to win.”

The Justice’s remarks seemingly embrace his partisan views and have drawn significant criticism from liberals, who suggest his bias is against the court’s nonpartisan stance.

Alito also concurred with another attendee who expressed their doubts about either side possibly compromising on fundamental differences and advocated for the country’s return “to a place of godliness.”

Lauren Windsor, a progressive filmmaker, made the recordings at the June 3 dinner she attended under the pretense of being a conservative.

The recordings also capture Chief Justice Roberts’ more restrained approach. Roberts is considered the court’s moderate voice in the conservative majority.

When Windsor asks Roberts about his views on the court’s politicization and the idea that America is a Christian nation, Roberts emphasizes it’s not up to SCOTUS to dictate the moral trajectory of America and instead, that should be decided by “the people we elect” and not lawyers.

Since being released, the recordings have reignited debates about whether the Supreme Court has been tainted by politicization and personal beliefs. For liberals, the recordings point to the court’s lack of transparency and failing legitimacy in an increasingly polarized country.

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