Supreme Court Makes Shocking Decision

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( – The Vermont state Supreme Court has ruled that noncitizen residents would be allowed to continue voting in municipal elections.

The Supreme Court had to decide on an appeal in which the higher court had upheld the lower court ruling that noncitizen residents voting in the local elections was in violation of the state constitution.

However, the Supreme Court found that there was no violation of Chapter II, as it does not actually apply to local elections such as the Montpelier elections.

In 2021, the Democrat-controlled Vermont Legislature voted on a bill that allowed non-U.S. citizens to vote in local elections if they were legal residents of Montpelier and Winooski.

Republican Gov. Phil Scott vetoed the measures, however, his vetoes were overridden.
Since then, the Republican National Committee has filed lawsuits claiming that the bill did not align with the state constitution. However, they have lost all claims that the law is unconstitutional as all federal law only deals with federal elections and not with local elections.

Montpelier and Winooski have joined New York City and many towns in Maryland that have long allowed noncitizens to participate in local elections.

Montpelier City Council President Jack McCullough has said that it is gratifying to know that all the members of their community will be able to vote in the next local elections. He also urged all those eligible voters to register so that they can participate in the local elections. Currently, there are 9 noncitizens already registered.

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