Surfside Victims See Tentative Settlement Numbers

Surfside Victims See Tentative Settlement Numbers

( – The horrific collapse of the Surfside Condominium in Miami came at an immeasurable cost: 98 people’s lives. Now, victims and their families are seeing the kind of compensation they can expect as tentative settlement numbers make their way into the news. Defendants, including developers, inspectors, and companies involved in the construction and maintenance of the doomed building, are looking at dishing out at least $83 million for property damages.

The settlement sets up a common fund for victims, outlining who it will pay according to their share of ownership. Unit owners will receive $50 million of the first $100 million collected from the fund and another $33 million from funds collected after that $100 million. They reserved the rest of the money for those who lost loved ones and have filed wrongful death claims.

One victim stated the compensation is unfair and that he’s getting a fraction of the value of his property. Alfredo Lopez said, “victims feel scared, bullied, and insulted.” Lopez and his family lived for years in Unit 605 and are now uncertain where they will go. He calls the settlement an insult and says he’s allegedly only getting 30 cents on the dollar for his condo.

Some family members who lost loved ones in the tragedy believe money for loss of life should come before settlements for property loss. The final hearing to approve the settlement is on March 30, but any victim disputes could delay the payout.

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